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Reclaim Your Sacred Sensuality

The Divine Feminine in you is the force of life. The abundant energy and light-love. When you lose touch with it you seek outwardly. But every moment is an opportunity to open as your divine nature.
The deepest desire of the feminine is to flow open with love.

This is a self paced program for women to learn how to flow open. It is a program that will bring you back home to your sacred womb space, return to your creative garden within and hear the calls of your inner compass.

Women's bodies were once seen as sacred and women the Goddesses because we gave birth to life. Our bodies had this natural ability to release what is no longer serving every month while we rested and our intuition grew deeper and stronger. We magically mirrored the cycles of the moon. Healers were highly honored, midwives brought in sacred life and High Priestesses devoted their life to living in harmony with Mother God. We were wisdom keepers, lovers, healer, and enchantresses.

The Bronze and Iron Ages brought in tribes devoted to war and these Mother God cultures were torn apart with rape, death and enslavement.

A woman's body went from being a sacred vessel to the property of a man. We were tortured because our sexuality was satanic. We were killed and burned at the stake for following our natural rhythms and calls.

This energy has carried on for centuries. For too many years women have been treated like property and that we are less then men.

We have been told to be quiet, well behaved girls. That our pleasure was sinful and the only real pleasure was for the man.

Our bodies have been abused, tortured and used.

We have been told that we aren't enough. We aren't pretty enough, skinny enough, powerful enough, strong enough or smart enough.

But the times are changing. We are coming home to our bodies and answering the call.

We are remembering who we are, who we have been and who we are here to be.

We are falling back in the rhythm of our great Earth Mother, honoring the moon and anchoring in to our intuitive gifts.

We are in the rise of the feminine.

My story goes back to a very young child when I first encountered self pleasure and was immediately shamed for it. I had deep misunderstandings about sex and how to respect my body and searched recklessly for love- more often than not, my body being used in the process. I know too many women with a very similar story. It is time to rewrite that story.

I have spent the past 7 years learning how to heal from the stories that my sensuality is something to be ashamed of and to return to my body as a sacred temple. The body and soul of a Goddess.

Your body, especially your womb, IS your inner compass. It will always lead you to a place of worship within. You just need to learn how to reconnect and listen to HER.

If you are ready to step fully back into your body and be completely turned on by life, this program is for you.

We will be taking it way back to the beginning and talking about HERstory.

You will learn how to tell your own story. Honoring where you've been - in order to return to the light we must go through some darkness- light cannot shine without dark.

We will work on forgiveness (to call YOUR power back), how to honor our periods, understand our monthly seasons and work with the moon. We will reclaim our sensuality and step back into the pleasure filled Goddesses that we are!

There is over 8 hours of content in this course. It's filled with tons of meditations, EFT tapping, embodiment practices, journaling, yoga, and discussions.

Worth well over $800, yours for only $222. Payment plans are available and every one in the Breathe and Receive membership will get 50% off!

This program is for you if;

*you have spent your life disconnected to your body and you are craving the return.

*you have experienced any sexual abuse and traumas

*your menstrual cycle is out of balance and your cramps are unbearable

*it is hard for you to orgasm

*you don't feel sexy or at home in your body

*you are healing from self abuse and self neglect of allowing your body to be taken advantage of

*or if you simply feel the call

Whatever the reason, if you feel the call, this course is for you.

I am really excited to lead you on your journey to return to your inner compass!

Big Love,


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