• Lauren Bentley

You Can Do Hard Things

As a yoga teacher I love showing myself and my students how capable you are of doing the hard things by using the body to hold and sustain difficult poses.

One of the most infamous hard poses is Chair Pose or Utkatasana. To get into it you want to come into a standing position with your big toes together and a slight part in the heels. Begin to sink your weight back into your heels as you bend your knees. Act as if you are going to sit in a chair behind you. Then lift your arms so that your biceps are in line with your ears. Pull in your low belly and floating ribs, sink as deep as you can into your heels and breathe deep.

You may notice your legs begin to shake and burn, your mind is saying that you have had enough, but you are breathing through it, facing it all- knowing that you can do hard things.

When we meet our edge on the mat with a smile and grace, we are more easily able to meet the challenges of life with the same respect.

Never forget that you can do hard things.

To watch the chair pose tutorial please click the link

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