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Yoga For Anxiety

It seems that anxiety is at an all time high. I recently posted on my Instagram story about how I was struggling with a lot of things in life. Grief, confusion, letting go, change, and of course the collective, global trauma we have all faced together throughout this past year. I received countless responses, thanking me for my vulnerability and letting me know that they too are struggling. Struggling with the sadness for our old lives, uncertainty of our future and worry for our vulnerable loved ones.

This past year has been one traumatic event after another, from a global pandemic, riots, fighting for civil rights, losing jobs, closing businesses, to the terrifying reality of human trafficking ,etc. When these traumas happen, we adopt the idea that we are not in control of our bodies or our experiences and our bodies begin to prepare for the next hit. We begin to look outside of ourselves, on guard, waiting to respond to the next trauma coming our way.

Cue in the constant state of living in fight or flight. In case you missed the blog about healing the nervous system which goes pretty deep into what fight or flight is, check out this link

Needless to say, it is no wonder that anxiety is a common symptom, even for those who never suffered from it before.

Many think that when we feel anxious, we should do a higher intensity workout. However, this tends to add more fire to the fire already roaring inside of you. A great source of movement that will deeply support you in your anxious state is restorative, yin, or slow flow yoga. This allows for our system to down shift as we focus more on deep breaths, relaxing the body and surrendering. Slower paced movement is like adding water to the fire- helping it to simmer down, versus rage more.

Here is a special restorative class for anxiety that I made with just you in mind. All you need is 2 blankets, 2 pillows and 1 towel. You do not even need a yoga mat if you don't have one! Try it out.

Lots of love!

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