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What Type Of Yoga Is Best For Depression?

I haven’t had much motivation lately. Motivation to learn something new, show up online or move my body. And I am a big believer in the fact that we go through seasons just like Mother Earth and sometimes we do need less “to dos” and more rest. However, I am an even bigger believer in movement. Our bodies have to move. They NEED to move. Movement brings fresh oxygen, moves stagnant energy, expresses emotions, etc. When we aren’t moving, we are creating less motivation and the cycle deepens. Before we know it, it’s like we have to pull ourselves out of a very dark pit but don’t know where to even begin.

So let’s get ahead of it a bit, shall we? When we experience depression we actually have an increased amount of the water element within us. Finding soft movements like yin and restorative may feel amazing but it is actually bringing in more water. What we need to do is bring in some fire element. In order to find this, we want to experience quicker movements like a vinyasa practice, HIIT circuits, swimming, etc. I know that every part of your body may be begging and pleading to just lay back down and rest. And I know that the hardest part of all of this is getting on your mat, getting into the pool, pressing play on the video. But I also know that once the hardest part is done (showing up) the rest is a breeze and by the time you are finished, every part of your body is rejoicing you for showing up.

You brought in the fire. Ignited every cell in your body. Warmed yourself from the inside out. Feeling whole, strong and supported.

You can do this and I would love to support you. Click the below for a Vinyasa for Depression Class. You will be guided through a meditation, gentle stretches and various sun salutations guaranteed to bring the heat. Once there, please take a moment to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Lots of love, Lauren

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