• Lauren Bentley

What Self Love Can Do For You.

Two years ago a beautiful woman walked into my yoga class. We had met only for the first time but within 5 minutes she was telling me all about her journey of disordered eating and over exercise and that she was currently in recovery. Within 5 minutes of a stranger opening up to me in this way, I gave her my card, offered my support and we were signed up to work together within a few days.

Our work together started with slowly taking the steps to come home to her soul. She began differentiating between ego and her Higher Self. Began to understand what was made up and what was truth. She began to know and trust herself so much that she was finally able to sit with herself, feel comfortable in her skin and began to release the control, surrender and finally find the true meaning of self love.

I watched her faith grow stronger, her heart open. It’s been a long journey for her. Shedding layers upon layers of stories, healing her body with surgery and PT. So much forgiveness. But, I witnessed her come into a full recovery from disordered eating.

The more she began to love herself the more she chose pleasure. She desired pleasure in every area of her life. She decided to begin to put out into the Universe the kind of career she’d enjoy having and where she would like to live. She put the work in every day. Showing up to meditation, prayer and EFT tapping. Each day she chose to love herself, she chose pleasure, she chose to trust.A dream job with more pay and a move across the country to a place she has always wanted to live practically fell into her lap. She is now getting ready to move and start her next chapter of her life.

I couldn’t be more proud of her than I am right now. I feel immensely grateful to answer my calling in this life and support beautiful women like this.A mentor or coach is someone to support you and be the guiding light. But it’s up to you how much you are going to show up for yourself.If you are desiring support, I work with any woman who is desiring to come home to herself.

To learn how to understand the difference between soul and ego, to trust your Higher Self, surrender and choose pleasure is to understand how to live a life of freedom and radical joy.

Big love, Lauren

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