• Lauren Bentley

Tree Posture

Tree posture is a beautiful standing form in yoga. It builds strength and balance in the legs plus helps you to feel grounded, stable and supported.

Come into a standing position and begin to transition your weight to the right foot. As you do, peek out to something in front of you that does not move and set your gaze upon it. This will help you to keep your balance. Feel all four corners of your right foot plant into the ground as you unclench your toes. Pull your low belly in and begin to lift the left foot off the ground.

You can start with kickstand. This is when you place the toes of the left foot on the ground while leaning the rest of the foot against the right ankle. If you are feeling well balanced, you can then try to place the left foot on the inside of the right calf or inner thigh- just be sure not to place the foot on your sensitive knee joint.

Once you feel comfortable with your foot placement, you can incorporate your arms. This is entirely up to you. Maybe even asking yourself what your version of a tree would look like. Or play around with hands on waist, out into a T, overhead or hands at your heart. You can even get a little crazy and practice closing your eyes.

Now that you have found your tree, I invite you to imagine roots like that of a tree growing from your planted foot. Imagine them growing far and wide into the earth. Rooting you down. Holding, supporting, and nourishing. Standing tall and proud. Unshakeable in who you are and in your truth. Breathe deep and allow yourself to feel as strong as a big, beautiful tree.

Switch sides when ready.

For the instructional video, click here.

Lots of love!


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