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The Time Is Now

I have been running my wellness business, Good Vibrations Complete Health and Wellness for 3 years now, 2 of them full time. I have experienced many trial and errors- starting out as a Personal Trainer thinking it would be the only thing I would be doing, to present moment-PT is the last thing I am offering. I truly have experienced so much growth and I am immensely grateful for all that I have learned, released, healed and grown through for it has all brought me here. But, I feel like it has all been pretty surface level stuff.

Yes, I have shared many stories and have gotten pretty deep but I feel like I have still been pretty "basic bitch" about it all. To be honest, playing it safe and going with the flow of what everyone else was doing so that I wouldn't stick out or rattle any bones. Here I sit, feeling uncomfortable in my body because the call to go deeper is way too loud and I must answer to it.

I see how much I have looked to online business coaches to tell me what to do and what kind of life to admire and dream of. I went with the flow of YouTube yoga teachers and movement experts to deliver what I thought was needed. I am forever grateful to my teachers and mentors and all the incredible teachers who give so much of their time to free offers and services but I was not being true to myself.

The Time IS NOW.

I don't want to spend hours a day on Instagram trying to figure out hashtags and finding my dream clients. It feels wrong to me to follow someone and butter them up really only for the sake of a sale. I also don't want to create only for the money I will receive in doing so. Yea, money is great and I want to be a world traveler just as much as the next #bossbabe but I don't want it to be my only purpose and mission. Trust me, I am not saying that any of this stuff is wrong. If what gets you in all your empowered feels is the social media approach and if you really are motivated by money then by all means, keep doing you boo, but for me, I need to follow my own path and write my own story.

What I do desire is in person workshops. I crave in person work and absolutely love bringing together this idea of community. A union of healing space, growth and unconditional love. Endless support. I desire this blog and a YouTube channel to get in there and really share my story. I want to talk about the shame and guilt I have felt over my sexuality, drug and alcohol use, being a teen mom, how I tend to be a reactor and how I am learning to release my controlling tendencies (#virgothings) I want to share about my autoimmune disorder of chronic hives (which I literally have never talked about) and how we can work together to heal these disorders and DIS-eases in the body. I want to be vulnerable and cracked open to maybe inspire you to do the same, or in the least give you the opportunity to share in that moment of, me too.

Some of the things I plan to speak about will be uncomfortable. Maybe even too uncomfortable for some of my followers. It may make some of you not want to be in my community anymore and as much as that may sting, I really only wish to be real and raw going forward. I know what will be, will be. I know that this fire is raging inside of me for a reason and so I am going to leap. I am leaping fearlessly (at least mostly) into the unknown because I know God, _______ please replace word as you need, will catch me.

There is no time like the present to really crack open my heart and lead with my soul into the places I know is needed most for myself and my community.

I welcome you on board with open arms.

The Time Is NOW.

With much love and gratitude,

The Real and Raw

Lauren Bentley

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