• Lauren Bentley

The Shadow. Happening FOR us not TO us

Starting as early as Kindergarten you get to be the spotlight student once a year. You're expected to know what it is you want to be.

How are we supposed to know?

What if we just wanted to be kids?

From early on, these pressures are placed on us. The obsession of who we are and we are going to be, becomes us. Always achieving, pushing, struggling, always wanting more- all to prove ourselves worthy.

At 17/18, still very much a child, we are expected to jump into a lifelong debt, head off to an institution where we study hard to become who we said we were going to be.

You don't know what you want to be?

You're lost.

Or even worse- you don't want to go to college?

How will you ever succeed?

We meet people at parties and on dates and the first question always seems to be, "what do you do?" As if there's a secret society you're being initiated into for all your doing.

What if we just want to BE?

The obsession of our worth continues.

Who am I?

What do I do?

Am I enough?

And then one night under a Full Moon, it hits you. You are staring at yourself- staring deeply into your own eyes. Meeting yourself for the first time. The real you. The innocent, pure, radiant you.

You had the magic all along.

All the credentials.

Simply because you are a perfect soul

A child of Mama Earth

A child of the stars

Already whole, Already worth

It's no longer what do you DO

It's how do you BE?

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