• Lauren Bentley

The Power In Intention Setting


A thing intended; an aim or plan.

I am a huge supporter of intention setting. Specifically setting intentions in the morning for the day ahead. I believe that this allows us to remain connected to our purpose and our truth.

I would love to walk you through how I set intentions for the day.

Find yourself in a comfortable position, one where you can be completely surrendered. This looks different to me daily. Sometimes I lay down, others I am in a Childs pose and sometimes seated. Listen to your body and meet yourself exactly where you are. It is also helpful to be sure that you are warm and your body feels supported so that your mind is not drifting away from what you are here to do.

Once you have arrived, close the eyes if you feel comfortable or just soften the gaze. Take a few deep breaths to release stress and relax the mind and body. Now begin to see yourself going into your day as if there was a movie playing in your mind.

What do you see yourself doing today?

Who are you interacting with?

How are you making a difference?

How are you showing up?

And most importantly, how are you feeling?

Allow these elevated emotions to be the intention for your day. Let them grow bigger in your body until it is like you have become them. They are yours, they are here for you.

As you continue to hold these emotions within your, begin to think about the things you can do today that will continue to support you in feeling this way.

When you feel ready you can begin to open your eyes. I love to deepen this intention by enjoying a yoga flow. This helps me to really anchor and embody the intentions. Try out this yoga flow, Morning Yoga to Set Intentions.

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