• Lauren Bentley

The New Earth

We are all feeling it. The ascension into the new paradigm. And whether you know what these fancy words mean or not, we are all collectively ascending.

Let's break it down together; More light is hitting our planet than ever before- or that we know of. This light is coming to our Great Mother and everything that exists on Her at a rapid speed. Us humans are returning to our natural state of light- which essentially is the love frequency.

What comes with this light is darkness, because light literally cannot exist without the dark- many call this our shadow. Our shadows are the parts of us that have been deemed inappropriate to show, it is also what we would call the heavy emotions. Some very common shadows are; unworthiness, comparison, judgement, etc.

We have these shadows because of the programming we've experienced from birth, ancestral lineages and from past lives. We try to keep our shadows hidden because we have been taught that they make us weak, but we are learning that it is within our shadow that we can access more of our light, and essentially- call back our power.

When we keep pushing our shadows down, it only grows bigger, it's voice gets louder and more powerful. It is literally running our life in a very unconscious way.

Yet in this time of more light, our shadows are all being brought to the surface so that we can begin to collectively feel, release and heal- raising the frequency within ourselves, thus raising the frequency of our planet.

Welcome ascension into the New Earth paradigm. A space that I believe is to be filled with ONEness, commUNITY, freedom and joy. It is WE focused not ME focused. It's our brothers and sisters, hand in hand, living as one, reconnected to our Great Mother Earth and Higher Self/God Consciousness.

So, if you are being brought to your knees with darkness, feel it, understand it, love it, and do what you can to heal it. This isn't happening to you, it is happening for you. This doesn't mean you have to do this alone, please call on your support. Coaches you trust, therapists, friends, family, even your own journal are all great places for you to turn to, to work through this time to step more and more into your light.

We are ascending together brothers and sisters. Call back your power and step fully into your light!


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