• Lauren Bentley

Living With An Open Heart- A Courageous Journey

I feel like we live in a society of you first. Show me I can trust you and I will. Show me why I should love you and then I will. But what if it was you first? What if we were the invitation? Loving, trusting, forgiving, all for the simple fact of the sweetness it brings our lives. All to learn to live with a wide open heart that not has a positive effect on this world and those around us but on your emotional, physical and mental health as well.

HeartMath established by Neurocardiologist, Dr. J. Andrew Armour in 1991, has conducted tons of research in regards to how powerful our heart space is. He introduced the term, "heart brain" and said that the heart possessed a complex nervous system that is a brain. Many years since his research began, we now know an incredible amount about the heart:

*the heart aligns systems in the body so they can co-exist in harmony with one another

*the hearts in constant communication with the brain

*humans form the emotional brain before the thinking brain

* and the electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain

Not to mention that when we are in the presence of an open heart, it is easier for us to open as well.

So how do we know if we are living with an open heart or a closed heart? I think the easiest way to go about this is to feel into how you react and respond to daily happenings. Let's begin with this phrase, "they aren't worthy of my love". Can you bring to mind a time that you withheld love from someone for one reason or another? Maybe you were betrayed or your feelings were hurt and you felt yourself close off to them. Notice how that feels within you. How is it making you suffer even more? You are already hurt by another's actions but notice how much more pain is within the body as you close your heart. Where is it in the body and how does it feel?

Now imagine this same scenario but instead of closing your heart and withholding love, you faced it with an open heart? This does not mean that you allow that person to keep hurting you or hide your emotions. What it does mean is that you choose compassion, looking deeper into the why behind it. You choose to see that that person is hurting. Hurt people, hurt people. How does it feel to set boundaries and speak your truth with an open heart? Seeing them for who they are and what they have experienced. Just because they hurt you, you refuse to limit your life experience. You refuse to suffer even more. Where are these sensations within the body and how does it feel? Notice the expansion, the awareness, the presence that it brings.

I invite you to explore this courageous journey of living with a wide open heart.

You'll forget and then remember. Close and then open and close again.

When you notice the closure, how can you choose to open? The more you practice the easier it becomes. Let this be your life practice and purpose. To continue to open when you want to close.

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