• Lauren Bentley

How Does Emotional Health Impact Physical Health?

It is easy to see now more than ever that it is crucial for us to take care of our health. When we think of ways to do this we often think of the basics;

Stay hydrated

Get plenty of rest

Eat fruits and vegetables


Reduce stress

How often do we as a society include our emotions in our overall health?

Not surprising that emotional health is not something we talk about enough, but what if I told you that by creating a positive relationship with your emotions, could lead to a very positive increase in your level of health?

Let's start with the simple fact that emotions are energy in motion. They are meant to be moved through the body and expressed in order for them to be considered complete. However, we often want to push our emotions down and pretend they do not exist. They don't magically disappear but instead become stuck and stagnant energy. This creates blockages within the body.

I invite you to visualize a body of water and pretend that this water is your emotions. If you were to allow your emotions to be energy in motion this would resemble a flowing river. The water is clear and everything is moving as it should. Now imagine your emotions as trapped within the body. This would resemble a stagnant body of water. The water is murky, there is bacteria and there may even be a stench. Which feels healthier and more vibrant? The flowing river of course, a.k.a. your emotions free to be energy in motion.

Another way to look at this is to see how heavy emotions like stress, anxiety, depression, anger and fear manifest as physical illness. These emotions cause physiological changes in the body that leads to a decrease in the function of your immune system, an increase in inflammation and elevates pain.

And lastly, we are able to connect different body types and postures with repressed emotions. A few examples of this are;

An overweight woman who suffered sexual abuse who just can't seem to get to a healthy weight no matter what she does. I have witnessed time and time again a survivor of sexual abuse who finally confronted this trauma and worked towards healing and the extra weight naturally fell off. This is often because of the survivors subconscious wanting to hold onto extra weight in order to feel safe because they feel they would be less desirable from a predator.

Another example is an individual with rounded shoulders and poor posture who has had their heart broken one too many times. Their body will naturally round forward in a way to protect the heart. Heal the heart, heal the trauma, correct the posture.

My dear friend Dr. Sara Perry with Inspired Chiropractic and Wellness located in Lakewood, OH sees this daily with her patients. She has been able to connect the relationship of our emotions with pain in our body. As she works with her patients, she is not only cracking backs but is also helping them to work with the emotional components as well. To hear more about how and why it would be beneficial to include chiropractic services in your wellness plan please click the link to enjoy today's podcast episode.

If you are desiring to take your health further and begin to learn how to embrace your emotions and heal trauma, I invite you to check out my 1:1 program, Yoga. Mentoring. Healing.

Yoga, Mentoring, Healing is a compassionate, mindful, and embodied journey to healing. An extremely different approach to mental and physical health, as we enter our sessions together from the belief that you are already whole. Along with traditional coaching we will also use somatic responses like breath, body, movement, and sound to access the most effective tools for you. Each session will be uniquely tailored for you to meet you exactly where you are.

I am passionate about supporting you in your journey of returning to wholeness, finding home in the body, and creating safe and sacred space within.

I work with people navigating a wide variety of challenges including; disordered eating recovery, body dysmorphia, over exercise, anxiety, depression, trauma, healing nervous system, grief, shame, and learning to find radical self-love and compassion.

Often talking just is not enough, or you may find traditional talk therapy to be more anxiety provoking than healing. If you feel you learn more from being within your body and/or have the intellectual awareness yet still feel stuck, this unique type of mentoring may be best for you.

Please click this link to schedule a free discovery call.

Regardless where you turn to, begin to let your emotions return to energy in motion.

Lots of love,


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