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Honor Your Menstrual Cycle

One of the biggest aspects of being a woman that has been most hidden, denied and devalued is the menstrual cycle. Since we live in a society that has deeply suppressed the feminine in every one and everything, it is no surprise that our menstrual cycle is met with shame, guilt and pain. We need to embrace this aspect of our being so that we can reclaim the wisdom and the connection to our inner knowing that it brings. We are stripped so far away from our menses that it is often met with rage and chaos. Others or even ourselves think that something is wrong with us. We are labeled crazy- when in reality, our natural rhythms are only trying to get our attention. This is labeled as PMS. We think it is just the way it is.

But imagine if we understood our bodies to be reflections of the cycles found in nature.

We would recognize that our bodies follow the ebb and flow of the tides, the waning and waxing moon, the four seasons of Mother Earth. In fact we experience all 4 seasons each and every month.

We would learn to listen to and respect our bodies. We would experience them as sacred messengers.

Our period would b a time for emotional house cleaning, wipe our slates clean and start anew. Just as we shed the linings of our uterus and prepare for a new cycle.

To follow your seasons, a 28 day cycle would look like this. However do not get hung up on exact numbers. The most important thing ALWAYS is that you follow how you feel.

Day 27-day 5 Winter

Day 6-11 Spring

Day 12-19 Summer

Day 20-26 Autumn

As you bring consciousness to and care for each season in turn, you restore the order of the cycle, your inner ecology, and with that create a feeling of greater ease and pleasure, coherence and effectiveness in using your power

Winter- Wise Woman, Crone and Visionary- Bleeding-the time of menstruation. This season holds some of the most amazing resources such as the ability to experience enhanced awareness and altered states of consciousness, presence, , and love and Union. But to access these resources requires the sacred act of Surrender.

Surrender is your ability to let go and allow. It sounds incredibly simple but in our very busy lives, surrender can feel almost impossible. Surrendering can also expose us to feelings we've been hiding with a busy life- this is such a beautiful gift of our period- RELEASE!

Menstruation is our power. It is where we can root deeply into ourselves. As you let go you release tension, repair and refuel.

Usually our cramps and PMS will ease up once we finally surrender.

Think peace and quiet and alone time.

Spring- Goddess and Maiden- Follicular Phase a place of becoming. You are waking up from your Winter slumber and getting ready to fully embody your greatest expression in your Summer. Your sense of self and sacred identity is firming. This is a very important time to put your self care first. Meet yourself with delicacy and load up on all your favorite self care acts. This will help to open up to insights and ideas without burnout and overwhelm. Think of the bear as he comes out of hibernation in the cave. The bear doesn't come leaping out, she takes her time. As should you

Think rebirth, renewal, fresh start

Summer-Mother and healer- ovulation phase-The fullness of who you are. The power stage. This is a time to fully blossom and to fulfill yourself and your Spirit. Celebrate yourself and show up exactly as who you are!

Think outward, expressive, flirty, creative and playful

Autumn- Wild woman, Priestess, Enchantress- The luteal phase-Taking full responsibility for who you are. Owning your light and your dark. Create firm boundaries- learn what is a hard NO and a hard YES- stick to it. This is also the time of your inner critic. So many women I know, myself included, have very interesting thoughts come in during our Autumn. We think twice about relationships, businesses, etc. The most important thing here is to hold yourself. Sit through the discomfort- know that this is the season of discomfort and rewrite the story. Know that you ARE good enough. The more you meet this truth, the more the badass you can shine through.

Think moody, lower energy

As you can see, learning how to love and honor your unique cycle will lead you deeper into your souls purpose.

When we live in soul purpose, we live in alignment, everything seems to flow with more natural rhythm.

If this lit something up inside of you it is time to Reclaim Your Sacred Sensuality.

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