• Lauren Bentley

Finding Worthiness

I often find within myself that when I question my worthiness it is usually because I am comparing myself to others and looking on the outside for direction. I begin to ask; who am I? Are my creations good enough? Am I good enough? What should I do?

It is only when I turn my awareness inward that I feel a sense of relief and that I can finally breathe again as I bask in my wholeness.

So, how do you find your internal compass? By finding your center. It is really simple;

Find yourself in a comfortable sitting position and soften your eyes. Take a few moments to notice your breath flowing in and out of your nose. As your mind begins to quiet, begin to bring your awareness into your body and see if you can soften every part of you. If an area feels extra tense, send some breath into that space.

When you feel as your body is relaxed and your mind is calm, simply ask yourself, where is my center? Without questioning where you are led, place a hand over the space that you are guided to.

Take a few moments to connect with your center. Feel the energy beneath your hand. Invite your breath to flow in and out of this space.

How does it feel? Are there any messages here for you? Do you have any questions for it?

When you feel ready, begin to deepen your breath and bring your gaze back to the space you are in. Notice if you can look around your room, maybe even move around, talk, and listen, all the while keeping half of your awareness within your center.

How does that feel?

For me, it is a sense of wholeness, of being supported and grounded. I feel powerful, complete and loved. No need to ever look outside of me for answers or direction because I know that all my magic and everything I could ever need exists within.

This process is something I like to call, forgetting and remembering. Some days it will feel easy to keep half of your awareness on your center. And some days you will find yourself forgetting. It is all about the journey of our life. The forgetting is beautiful, for if we never forget, we never remember. So when you do forget and you find yourself questioning your worth, your love, support, etc., take that as the gentle reminder to remember to go within and connect with your center.

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