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Father Healing Journey

This journey came to me after receiving a reading from a dear friend who instructed me to heal the wounds between my father and I. Throughout the years I have tried to tell myself that everything was o.k. between him and I even though I still felt much pain from him. I had come to the conclusion that we are all just doing our best, my dad included. I fully believed that and still do. However, there were still open wounds very much in need of healing. Leaving these wounds open made me close off to the masculine. Closing off to the masculine is closing off to God and Universe which closes us off to fully receiving support, abundance and protection.

Since embarking on healing the father wound, my life and business have opened up in the most fulfilling and magical ways. It is as if I called all parts of me home.

I feel more loved, more supported, more nurtured, than ever before. And I desire this for you. Afterall, we are all deserving of forgiving, we are all deserving of coming home to wholeness.


Begin to feel your breath flowing in and out of the nose.

Scan your body and begin to release tension by sending your breath into these spaces.

Just let everything soften and become completely relaxed.

Imagine a beautiful ball of Source energy in the Heavens above and see a channel of this white light coming straight to the center of the chest. Allow this light to really hit your heart. Opening every angle of the heart space with this pure radiant light. Feel this light expand through the chest, expanding into the lungs and expanding through the back of the heart. Feeling yourself open.

Imagine where your heart is located is a beautiful rose. Notice the color.

On your next breath invite your rose to open. Pedal by pedal. Opening courageously and allowing Source to fill it.

In the center of your rose is your own white light of Source. This is your Soul.

Travel all of your awareness into this white light. Landing into a beautiful open field. Take time to notice the landscape around you. See or sense what's around you. The warm sun, the gentle breeze, feel your bare feet on the warm grass and take in all of the sounds around you.

It's a beautiful day and as you stand here in all of Mother Earths radiance you feel filled up and complete. Safe and held.

You begin to notice and object walking towards you. And as it becomes clearer you notice it is a large male deer. Notice the color of this buck.

The closer he gets to you, the more you are able to bask in his radiance. It feels as if he is calling you towards him. As your heart pulls you to him, you notice his soft and masculine energy. You look into his eyes and see the entire Universe. You wrap your arms around his neck and breathe in the safety and support. Connecting to his masculine and strong structure. Feeling safe and supported. As You connect with him you feel yourself opening and connecting to sacred masculine energies.

It's as if the buck can communicate straight into your heart. You feel him ask you to climb onto his back. And as you do you feel the support beneath you. The buck begins to trot along the path. As he trots you bask in the golden sunlight and enjoy the soft breeze on your skin. You feel as if you could ride on his back forever just enjoying the simple pleasures of his love.

As he continues to walk, you see in front of you a gentleman sitting on a chair.

As you get closer you notice this man is your father. You feel safe and supported as you get closer. You know that you are protected by the sacred masculine. As you get closer to your father another chair appears inviting you to sit. This is confirmed as the buck speaks to your heart and asks you to climb off his back.

You come face to face with your father. Eyes locked. You feel the support of the chair and Mother Earth beneath you. The buck speaks to your heart one final time, he asks if you feel safe. And of course you do, because you know you are so protected here. Once the deer receives your answer, he becomes one with your father. Your father is lit up from within with these sacred masculine energies- that has always been his truth.

As you open your heart to your father, you begin to notice the inner child within him. You remember that we all are only doing our best. Your heart seems to crack open for your father and the relationship between you two. As you gaze into each others eyes he speaks these words to you,"beloved child, I am so honored to be your father. Even though I may not have been able to show my love for you, I deeply love, honor and respect you. I want you to know that I have always tried to do my best and I am sorry if I didn't listen to the calls of my own healing journey. I am sorry that I was unable to heal myself so that I could be the masculine father you needed. But I want you to know how proud I am of you and how grateful I am to be your father. Please know that I have always tried to do my best and I am so proud of you for being on your own healing journey, for healing this relationship between us and taking on the responsibility of healing the family lineage. I am so grateful for your bravery to heal the father wound, the masculine wound, so that this ends here. Those that come after you and those around you will be able to open up and receive the gifts from the Universe, the gifts from God."

Feel these words in your heart. As you gaze upon your father, see his truth, feel his light.

Allow yourself to express to him any words and feelings that you need to release. Know that he

holds space for you and is honoring every word you say.

The two of you begin to stand and embrace. Notice the fullness you feel within you. Whatever you choose your relationship to be in the 3D, you have healed the masculine in the 5D. This has allowed you to open up and receive all the gifts from the Universe.

Feel a white light to come across the both of you. Just breathe and receive this energy together.

Stay here for as long as you desire.

Once finished, open your eyes to the room that you are in and smile.

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