• Lauren Bentley

Embodied Approach To Healing

We all have those moments where we feel rigid and tense.

We often come at it from the mind to dissect the why behind it. Discovering the why is important however, when we come from this space that tends to operate from structure, we could be creating more feelings of rigidity and tension.

The alternative is dissecting it with your body. Exploring emotions and allowing them to be energy in motion.

An embodied approach to healing is much more compassionate and mindful. You can enter into this space with the awareness that you are already whole. You’re not looking for anything outside of you- instead you are connecting with what is already within you.

The next time you feel stuck, tense, rigid- or even lacking the inspiration to create, play and feel in flow, Try embodying the element of water. Let your body sway. Explore the movements. Deepen your breath and allow it to fill every inch of you. Be energy in motion ❤️

I am passionate about supporting you in your journey of finding home in the body and creating safe and sacred space within.

I am a 300 hour trauma informed yoga and mindfulness teacher and I have created a 1:1 program called Yoga.Mentoring.Healing. I am currently looking to enroll 3 students to begin in February. Since I do not take insurance I am open to sliding scales. If this sounds good to you please schedule a discovery call with me by clicking or sending me a message.

Lots of love,


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