• Lauren Bentley

5 Ways to Nurture Your Inner Child

Inner Child Healing is an incredibly powerful healing mechanism to nurture yourself in the ways that you craved. The inner child is not an actual child but rather the "younger you" that continues to react towards specific stimuli.

By connecting with the inner child, we gain access to information about unhealed wounds and unmet needs. Once we are able to identify these needs, we are then able to reparent. This is the process of meeting those needs and utilizing self care.

Here are 5 easy ways to begin to love, nurture and honor your inner child:

Practice positive self talk: Notice your self talk. Would you speak to someone you love that way? Would you allow someone else to speak to you that way? If not, why would you speak to yourself like that?

Make time to play: Schedule play into your daily routine. Play can be anything that brings joy to your life. It can be reading, going to Zumba class, playing golf, etc. Let yourself explore and see what lights you up!

Create just to create: Write, draw, paint, color- just because. Not to put out content or to make money. Create because you enjoy it!

Spend more time with friends: Create play dates with friends. Explore new adventures together, go to the arcade, bowling, on hikes, etc.

Write your inner child a love letter: Fill him/her up with so much love and gratitude. Tell them everything you wish you would’ve heard and/or experienced.

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