• Lauren Bentley

3 Things To Create The Life Of Your Desires

It’s been scientifically proven that the thoughts we think and feelings we feel create our life. Knowing this, why would we ever let another unconscious thought or behavior run through us? Want to be a deliberate creator?

Here are 3 things I want you to know; 1) Show up to your practice everyday. I don’t care when you do it or what you do to achieve connection to the frequencies you desire- just show up. Even when you don’t want to do it or your ego tells you this is stupid and a waste of time- this is usually when you need it the most. Keep showing up. Trust the process and surrender.

2) Be present. When we are feeling guilt and Shame of our past or stressing and worrying about the future we are calling in more of the same energy. But, when we are present we are in connection to abundance, gratitude and love! Right now, you have everything you need. When you’re feeling whole, you receive more things that make you feel whole.

3) Embody the energy you desire. I see this time and time again. We show up and meditate every day. We connect to the desired emotions. Our heart expands, we are engulfed in gratitude . But then, the meditation ends or the timer goes off and our attention turns to our enemies or dread of the day. Such wobbly vibrations! Yea, we connected but it’s going to be much longer and harder for the universe to deliver to you. Instead get up from your practice embodying they energy. Love your life, NOW! Feel abundant now. Live In gratitude! How do you feel, move, dress, speak, listen? Be it now.

These 3 methods won’t deliver it to you overnight but you’ll have more fun, more flow and more trust in the process!

Be the creator.

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Big love, Lauren

The Conscious Coach

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