Breathe and Receive Virtual Studio

Welcome to the Breathe and Receive Virtual Studio. A more compassionate, mindful and embodied approach to healing. 

I am passionate about supporting you in your journey of returning to wholeness, finding home in the body, and creating safe and sacred space within.​

I am a firm believer that when we can feel safe in our bodies and we are able to drop in to our containers that we create the sacred space within us. It is within that we have all the answers and and healing that we need. It is only when we begin to seek outwardly that we get lost. Asking, am I ok? Is this ok? What should I do next? Am I safe? But when we turn inwards, we are able to connect to the direct line of God/Higher Power. This is our knowing, this is our eternal wisdom, this is our LOVE.

It is a part of my longing to help every individual who is ready; to heal trauma, release limiting beliefs, learn to become the compassionate watcher of their thoughts, and show up as the fullest expression of themselves. 

I lovingly bring together cognitive behavioral therapy with movement therapy for a less anxiety provoking experience. Feelings are the language of the body not of the mind. Meaning, when we come to work through limiting beliefs, emotions, traumas, etc. from the mind, it can often feel very difficult to move through it by thinking alone. What we often need is to move through it physically by inviting in the body. This is known as a bottom up approach. 

Within this membership you will find a beautiful blend of these therapies using CBT along with body based therapies like breathwork, yoga, sound healing, EFT and more. 

This membership is a live to replay format, meaning, we meet live weekly via zoom for community connection and support but the replay is always added to the library for your viewing needs. You do not need to attend live to enjoy the content. 

Perks Of Being A Member;

*Brand new theme added to a growing library the first of every month

*Weekly LIVE virtual classes of yoga, Breathwork, meditation, therapy and coaching (replay always added to the library for your viewing pleasure)

*Breathwork, Reiki, Meditations, Sound Healing and Embodiment Practices like yoga and dance right at your fingertips

*Lifetime access to previous themes and content

*PLUS! Complimentary Access into my Sacred Movement library, Move To Connect to keep that energy flowing ($149 value)

If you prefer a more solo experience to your healing and embodiment journey, this membership is for you. However, I am never far away. Access to me is always available through phone or email (I literally give out my phone number) Single sessions are also available or to work on a deeper level please check out my 1:1 program, Yoga Mentoring Healing

See What Others Are Saying

Breathe and Receive is by far the best program I have come by! I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to truly heal themselves. Lauren is the most beautiful person inside and out! Very easy to speak with and is very real with you. Give it a try!

The Breathe and Receive membership has been absolutely eye opening! This class and the lessons are absolutely turning my life around in a way I never thought possible. I connect with Lauren in a very deep way and feel very comfortable with her. I hope that others will break away and make the move to take the steps to change your life. Lauren is just the girl to help you!

I have been a member of Breathe and Receive since November and it has become a staple to have for me. From the meditations to the channeled Reiki sessions, it's amazing. My favorite has to be the Archangel Michael Reiki. It is so soothing, I often play at nightime and always drift off to sleep. What I love about each month Lauren brings out new content that is aligned with that month. It is put together really well and thought out and as a member I appreciate that so much because it helps me ground myself and stay aligned with that months energy. Grateful for this community!

I would just like to say that this breathe and receive program is by far the best one I've come by! i highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to truly heal themselves. Lauren is the most beautiful person inside and out! Very easy to speak with and is very real with you!! give it a try!

Breathe and Receive has been such a blessing in my life. each month I'm given a spiritual curriculum.. meditations, reiki, breathwork, movement. Being able to have access to these gifts at such a reasonable cost allows me to easily incorporate them into my daily life. Thank you Lauren for creating such a magical community.

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