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I am a firm believer we come into these bodies to create and experience Heaven on Earth. To understand the beautiful dance between Ego and Soul, to experience what it is like to truly come home to ourselves- the real homecoming. I believe that it is our biggest role to understand that we are limitless, eternal souls, living in the 3D- we are here to turn thoughts to things and create the life of our dreams.

As my heart awakens and I continue to follow my own journey inward, towards home, it is my deepest desire to inspire and help guide you there as well.

It is a part of my longing to help every individual who is ready; to dance like no one is watching, show up as the purest expression of ourselves and go through life knowing that everything we need is already within.

Welcome to Breathe And Receive.

A monthly membership of spiritual teachings, healing, rituals and ceremony.

Perks Of Being A Member;

*A brand new theme added to the growing library the 1st of every month- filled wit ceremony and ritual to guide you deeper within 

*Meditations to signal new genes, in new ways, to begin to call your desired life to you

*Breathwork Sessions that help to release what's no longer serving and create new energy fields and coherence ($75 value)

*Reiki Healing to balance ($60 value)

*EFT Tapping Scripts to connect with your emotional body, release control and trust the process as well as unpack the subconscious mind

*Sound Healing to access different levels of consciousness

*Journaling prompts, and a private Facebook group with energy reports and bonus videos

*Teachings and offerings from 5 teachers!

*PLUS! Complimentary Access into my Sacred Movement library, Move To Connect to keep that energy flowing ($149 value)

If you are ready to return to your truth, your souls journey and mission and activate the light within, this membership is for you.

Meet The Rest Of The Team!










Jillian Rooney, Intuitive Life & Business Mentor.

Jillian is passionate about working with people from all walks of life, who are looking to feel better in their lives and business. She doesn't believe that sacrifice and struggle are necessary to create a life you feel good in. She works alongside every individual, empowering the to small confident daily actions that can completely transform from the inside out. 



Jennifer Funk- Kundalini Instructor.

Having been active in distance running, weight lifting, and hatha yoga, Jennifer would not have discovered the technology of Kundalini Yoga had it not been for the disruption of deep vein thrombosis and subsequent thoracic outlet syndrome diagnosis. Having to give up her normal routine, she began searching for a modality that would be safe to practice while providing the movement and she craved. When she discovered Kundalini Yoga, she found what she was looking for and so much more. In just one session, she felt the transformative power of the practice, and she dedicated herself to learning all she could about this system. The more information she unearthed about the lineage Kundalini Yoga and the more she felt its effects, the more passionate she became about sharing the technology with others.


Jennifer started sharing the practice with others immediately and completed her Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with the Khalsas of Spirit Rising Yoga in Chicago who have been devoted to the Kundalini Yogic lifestyle since its introduction to the US in the late 60s. Through her training she acquired an even greater understanding of the technology, tools, and teachings of Kundalini Yoga and its place in yogic history and continues to share this knowledge with others.


Jennifer knows that, in this new era in which we are living, each individual must discover for themselves their Infinite nature in order to manifest their highest potential, and she is honored to serve as a guide for others on their journey into self-mastery using this ancient wisdom. 



Khadoma Colomby, Goddess Guide and Mentor 

 I am a lover of the deep. My passions center around supporting women to live an authentic, wild, richly embodied, and pleasure-filled life.  With a focus on returning home to the female body and soul, I teach women to reconnect with their deeper selves and their bodies though reconnecting with the Feminine.


An aspect of my work is educating and empowering women in reconnecting with their Womb Wisdom, teaching menstrual cycle awareness, hormonal rhythms, and how to live with these cycles as a powerful sacred navigational system and gift in our lives. 

I whole heartedly believe this reconnection with the womb is an important aspect of the female revolution, and a way to truly embrace all of who we are on a deep soul level as women. 


I am also a songwriter and songstress and I love playing with the voice as a tool for healing and transformation. 

I believe we are all meant to sing our song, and find great power in the healing journey of opening our voices as a window into our authentic soul.


I am excited to be sharing chants, sound healing and meditations here in Breathe and Receive.


If you are interested in learning further about my Sacred Cycles work or 1-1 Vocal Alchemy Sessions please feel free to email me 


And find me on these platforms if your inspired to keep connected :)

My personal FB: fb: @Khadoma Colomby

My free FB group Awake the Wild

ig: @khadoma_colomby

Music recordings at:

Marc Bifano, Health Coach and Teacher of Divine Masculine

Marc recognizes the true benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.  He believes that overall wellness depends not only on having a healthy body, but mind and spirit as well.  Understanding that exercise and proper nutrition shape our bodies and keep them healthy, and that there is something deeper that leads us to finding lasting change and ways to lead us to a more abundant and purposeful life. 

Marc focus is the deep driving force, those key motivational factors that establish lasting change and longevity within living a healthy lifestyle.  He believes building upon daily successes but exploring failures and learning from them will lead to major changes in a person’s health and overall wellbeing.  This journey has been arduous for me at times, but in it I learned peace. Now to lead others to that awareness, and understand of this connection is what I feel called to do. 

Bryan Langsdale, Spiritual guide and Life coach who works with those special souls seeking the transformation of their lives through consciousness expansion, self discipline (physical, mental, & spiritual practices), & the will to do The Great Work of elevating one’s personal experience of life in perpetual evolution . He teaches how to transform the “mundane” into the “sacred” through every aspect of life employing the process of life itself as the Greatest Teacher. Over the past two decades, Bryan has practiced & studied many schools & traditions of Metaphysics, Esoterics, Nutrition, Self Help, Mysticism, Healing, Shamanism, & Magic. He has travelled extensively studying with Monks, Yogis, Shamans, Gurus, Wizards, Elders & Teachers of all sorts. He has spent long periods of time in isolation meditating in caves; atop of mountains; & deep in the jungles. In 2014, he returned home to Cleveland, Ohio to focus on blending the western teachings of personal development & self healing with the spiritual wisdom of the Ages. Bryan knows that healing is a process, not an event. It takes time, effort, and dedication to transform one’s life with all of its habits, oddities, and deeply embedded habit patterns. Most importantly, healing & change require right attitude & right thinking. With sufficient guidance, focus, & self discipline, everyone can become their own Self Illuminated Master, accomplishing The Great Work of Self Illumination while creating the life of their dreams. He believes that we are all multidimensional beings on an infinite journey of evolution through learning from The Great Mystery of Love & Life. By healing past traumatic events (objective or subjective); through integrating and understanding the undigested “stuff” of life; by applying spiritual, mental, and physical discipline, one can can embody their “True Self” through learning to live in the Ever Present Moment of Now. Bryan is a Guide & Life Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, 500 hour certified yoga instructor, meditation creator & teacher, Healer, Musician, Speaker, Presenter, Ceremonial Facilitator, & Sound Wizard. He wears many hats in this life and blends them all into his personal path of evolution, expression, & life. Bryan loves to travel, sit by an open fire under the stars, & connect with amazing souls. You’ll often find him with Shamanic Drum & Didgeridoo in hand creating music & celebrating life!

See What Others Are Saying

I would just like to say that this breathe and receive program is by far the best one I've come by! i highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to truly heal themselves. Lauren is the most beautiful person inside and out! Very easy to speak with and is very real with you!! give it a try!

I have been a member of Breathe and Receive since November and it has become a staple to have for me. From the meditations to the channeled Reiki sessions, it's amazing. My favorite has to be the Archangel Michael Reiki. It is so soothing, I often play at nightime and always drift off to sleep. What I love about each month Lauren brings out new content that is aligned with that month. It is put together really well and thought out and as a member I appreciate that so much because it helps me ground myself and stay aligned with that months energy. Grateful for this community!

The Breathe and Receive membership has been absolutely eye opening! This class and the lessons are absolutely turning my life around in a way I never thought possible. I connect with Lauren in a very deep way and feel very comfortable with her. I hope that others will break away and make the move to take the steps to change your life. Lauren is just the girl to help you!

Breathe and Receive has been such a blessing in my life. each month I'm given a spiritual curriculum.. meditations, reiki, breathwork, movement. Being able to have access to these gifts at such a reasonable cost allows me to easily incorporate them into my daily life. Thank you Lauren for creating such a magical community.

Breathe and Receive is by far the best program I have come by! I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to truly heal themselves. Lauren is the most beautiful person inside and out! Very easy to speak with and is very real with you. Give it a try!

Move to connect approaches fitness from the sacred perspective that food and movement is medicine. It teaches you how movement can serve as a catalyst for quantum shifts in the body and the soul. 

The last thing move to connect is about is weight loss and that was SO important to me when searching for a program like this. I needed something that taught me how I could use movement to connect with different goddesses and honor parts of the journey,

Lauren approaches wellness in a way that is truly relatable. I’ve been so inspired by her and absolutely in love with the Move to Connect program!

Lauren helps you tap into the core of what makes movement the medicine we need. Whether it is yoga style workouts, weights/kettleball, HIIT or just deep stretching warmups, it's about connecting to that Fire element and integrating it into our daily lives. I haven't stepped inside a gym in 7 months and I feel more connected to my body than I have in years.

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