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Lets Connect! 

Breathe And Receive

I am a firm believer we come into these bodies to create and experience Heaven on Earth. To understand the beautiful dance between Ego and Soul, to experience what it is like to truly come home to ourselves- the real homecoming. I believe that it is our biggest role to understand that we are limitless, eternal souls, living in the 3D- we are here to turn thoughts to things and create the life of our dreams. 

As my heart awakens and I continue to follow my own journey inward, towards home, it is my deepest desire to inspire and help guide you there as well.

It is a part of my longing to help every individual who is ready; to dance like no one is watching, show up as the purest expression of ourselves and go through life knowing that everything we need is already within.

Welcome to Breathe And Receive.

A monthly membership of spiritual teachings to help you access the Quantum Field of limitless possibilities. 

What you get;

*A brand new theme added to the growing library the 1st of every month designed to help you take those Quantum Leaps

*Meditations to signal new genes, in new ways, to begin to call your desired life to you

*Breathwork Sessions that help to release what's no longer serving and create new energy fields and coherence ($75 value)

*Reiki Healing to balance ($60 value)

*EFT Tapping Scripts to release control and trust the process as well as unpack the subconscious mind

*Sound Healing to access different levels of consciousness 

*Journaling prompts, and a private Facebook group with energy reports and bonus videos

*PLUS! Complimentary Access into my Sacred Movement library, Move To Connect to keep that energy flowing ($149 value)

Who Is This For?

*The Growth Seeker 

*The Spiritual Minded

*Individuals who feel like the manifestation process is difficult or not for them

*Individuals Desiring More Guidance And Support As They Venture Through Their Spiritual Journey

*Individuals Who Desire To Do Things On Their Own Time

*Those ready to come home to their truest selves and awaken their light within

Move To Connect

Move To Connect is a program that teaches you how to move like you love yourself. 
Move with integrity.
Move with ease.
This is a program that rewires your body to learn to move in functional and safe ways to increase mobility and lower pain and injury.
This is a program that rewires your brain in a way that the positive thought becomes the first and only thought.

When I first thought of the idea behind Move To Connect I wanted it to be a movement practice that was healing for the mind, body and soul. When I first became a trainer I worked in corporate gyms and this is where I saw a very critical piece missing- the integration of these key components. I left the gym to start my own practice and created Move To Connect as a way to reach beings all over the world. I have since added a team of leaders, instructors and teachers to the platform to provide you with knowledge and movement through their own areas of expertise. 

In this program we throw out our scales, we toss out rigid workout plans and strict diets and instead we learn how to follow our energy to give our bodies what they’re craving and learn how to bring out our intuitive eater and mover. We heal from the inside out. Movement is incredibly healing when done correctly.

Our team of experts all have their own areas of mastery and will lead you through various ways of healing through movement including but not limited to; healing your inner child, your womb space, your inner critic, deeper connection with your partner and self, and guide you to living your best life yet- feeling INCREDIBLE, sexy and strong in your body.

My long term visions for Move To Connect is to host retreats, workshops and self love speaking summits all over the world along with my soul team of other Move To Connect teachers!

If you are interested in checking out the online community please click the link below!

Each month there’s a variety of movement and mindset practices added to the already large library.

My team and I will be honored to have you!

See What Others Are Saying

Move to connect approaches fitness from the sacred perspective that food and movement is medicine. It teaches you how movement can serve as a catalyst for quantum shifts in the body and the soul. 

The last thing move to connect is about is weight loss and that was SO important to me when searching for a program like this. I needed something that taught me how I could use movement to connect with different goddesses and honor parts of the journey,

Lauren approaches wellness in a way that is truly relatable. I’ve been so inspired by her and absolutely in love with the Move to Connect program!

Lauren helps you tap into the core of what makes movement the medicine we need. Whether it is yoga style workouts, weights/kettleball, HIIT or just deep stretching warmups, it's about connecting to that Fire element and integrating it into our daily lives. I haven't stepped inside a gym in 7 months and I feel more connected to my body than I have in years.