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Youtube Yoga and Podcast 


The invitation to come home to yourself. 

To meet yourself on your mat exactly as you are. 

To find inner stillness and hear the whispers of your soul. 

Whether In studio or at home, we are here to support you in creating home within. 

We offer new yoga classes every week on our YouTube Channel. These yoga videos are offered in various lengths and styles of yoga and are usually accompanied with meditation, journaling, breathwork, EFT tapping, sound healing and reiki. 

Please click the link below and subscribe to our channel so you never miss an update. 

We will meet you on your mat!


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Human Kind(ness) Podcast:
This podcast is about sharing real stories about our journey in life. What we are going through and what we have grown through. The intention behind this podcast is to provide inspiration as well as a place of solace to remind you that whatever it is you are experiencing, you are never alone.
Available on your favorite podcast app!

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