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Move Like You Love Yourself

You can talk about what you desire all day long but it's not until you're truly tapped into your emotions, thought patterns, and beliefs that end up creating the reality. 

Many of us have fallen prey to diet plans that promise abs without any crunches, workout plans that will shed 20 lbs in 4 days, only to be left disappointed, hungry and feeling like a failure. Once I started to use the ideas of law of attraction with my personal movement practice and with my clients, everything changed. 

Movement became more enjoyable, much more rewarding and dare I even say, pleasurable? 

For example, say you want to feel strong, healthy and powerful in your body. Choosing workouts you hate or that make you feel like a failure aren't going to give you that. So instead, we choose movement that honors us in that exact moment in time. But first, you have to figure out how to not only listen to your soul but honor it... and that my friends takes releasing all those shoulds and have-tos.

Move Like You Love Yourself is a 5 day challenge designed to take you within to notice how your body feels, how to get down with the true you and how to find that strength and power from within. 

These 5 days is a perfect example of what my $10 a month membership, Move To Connect is all about. 

Join the challenge! Learn how to move because you love yourself!

Challenge begins August 5th!

Fill out the form below to get the private emails sent right to your inbox and at the end of the 5 days an incredible offer to continue working with me!

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