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Energy Healing Sessions

*All services offered distance via zoom or in person (Medina, Ohio)

Lauren is a Trauma Certified Yoga and Mindfulness teacher who also holds certifications as a Reiki Master, Breathwork and Sound Facilitator all with the intention to help her students and clients create home within. 

She believes that we live in these sacred bodies- a vessel that is home to our Spirit- yet so many of us often feel unsafe and/or uncomfortable within. Trauma, anxious thoughts, deep sadness, judgements towards the body, etc, are just a few reasons why we numb out and live from the neck up. Yet we are never completely fulfilled and these memories/behaviors/beliefs continue to manifest in our lives in countless ways... because our bodies never forget.

Our bodies are safe and sacred spaces and you have the ability to be your own healer and advocate but it all starts with the gentle journey inward. 

There are several different ways to work with Lauren in a 1:1 setting that are sure to meet your needs. Please see below for all the different services.

To schedule a free consult to see what meets your needs please click the link or email Lauren at

60 Minute Reiki, Breathwork or Sound Healing:

Mix and match or choose one for a supportive container to assist you in exploring emotions as energy in motion, tap into your subtle body and experience the energy that exists within you.

Sessions: 60 minutes for $60

4 for $220

Connect (1:1 Coaching) :



My 1:1 Space holding offering designed to help you connect to whats true to you in an easily digestible 4 session package 


These 60 minute sessions may consist of:





Sound healing 



Somatic experiences 

All in a non-judgement space 


Investment: $300 


In person or virtual 

Weekly, bi weekly or monthly sessions 


Great for grief, mindset work, mindfulness, burn out, life transitions, stress management and more! 

Trauma Informed Yoga:

Trauma informed yoga is held in a private setting that will feel like a safe space. We will incorporate somatic healing in our sessions to allow emotions to be energy in motion, learn techniques to nurture what the mind and body are currently moving through and build back your mind and body connection.

Sessions: 60 minutes in length for $60

4 for $220


Meditation Coaching:

If you have been thinking of developing a daily meditation practice or if you have created one just seem to lack the daily discipline or feel like the mind is too active during your sits, this method of coaching could be great for you. In four sessions we will work together to develop a daily meditation practice that meets you right where you need it, work through the challenges, discover different breathwork techniques and learn different nervous system regulation techniques. 

4 sessions for $250

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