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Call Back Your Power

Many of us spend lifetimes giving our power away.

We give our power away by refusing to let the past go. Living day in and day out, the same thoughts, habits and reactions. The same old stories.

By the time you are 35 years old, 95% of your life is completely unconscious. 

What does this lead to?

For most of us it is the same dreams we wish we could conquer but feel we are unworthy.

It's the desire to change but we continue to revert back to our old habits.

It's allowing the same type of relationships to play out over and over again. 

It's going over the same stories, feeling the same hatred, the same resentment, guilt and shame.

It's a hamster wheel that the majority of us do not know how to get off. 

This all sounds pretty powerless, right?

Friends, we did not come into these human bodies to suffer. We did not come here to allow our minds to control us or to live in the past.

We came here to experience life- to feel how truly expansive, limitless and free we are. But the only way to conquer this is in the present moment. 

All of your power is here, right now, in this moment. 

Please hear me.

This is no easy task but if you KNOW there is a Power higher than you and if you know that life should be more than what you have been experiencing, then this program is for you.

This is your destiny.

Divinely yours.

It is time to Call Back Your Power!

This is a 1:1 Mentorship filled with tried and true Spiritual Teachings I have learned, studied and incorporated into my life and others throughout the years. 

Offered as a 3 or 6 month mentorship (think personal retreat for your soul), this is an amazing program to help finally get out of your way and step into your next level while experiencing what it means to find the bliss of life.

Join me in this one of a kind healing and spiritual program to release the limiting beliefs and fully claim all that you are and all that you came here to be.

It's time to call back your power.

Click the link for a complimentary 20 minute coaching call.

What you get:

*1:1 Calls Ranging from 1 to 2 hours in length

*3 or 6 month options (payment plans offered)

*Distance Reiki Sessions

*Breathwork sessions

*EFT Tapping Sessions

*A library of meditations, tapping scripts and breathwork for extra support- yours to keep forever!

I created this program for the person who as tried therapy and possibly other coaches and still can't seem to get out of your way. There's still something holding you back. You're just not sure what it is. That is because it is imprinted in your subconscious. These imprints were formed when we were in the womb up to the first 7 years of your life. These tools I give you will be just what you need to tap into your subconscious so that you can FINALLY release the resistance.

Take it from me. I tried everything and no matter what I was still held by back crippling fear and anxiety. It is when I started using these techniques that I found my life!

What Others Are Saying

I worked with Lauren in her program, Call Back Your Power, and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Each session was so full of healing, breakthroughs, and facing my shadows, and Lauren was with me every step of the way. I came into the program not knowing what to expect, but the first session was so powerful that it opened the floodgates and all the feelings I'd been holding back just came out. With every breakthrough, Lauren would be there, supporting me, listening with an open heart and non-judgment, working with me as I worked through it. She is so intuitive, empathetic, and open-hearted, and I absolutely loved working with her! 

I must start by saying Lauren is beyond awesome! She has changed my life in ways I didn't think were possible and opened my eyes to what life really is. Her program is priceless, doable to anyone at any age or fitness level. Will definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to break free from the constraints the world locks us in. I'm so glad I did. Working with Lauren was the best. She is so knowledgeable, passionate, caring, understanding... just all around amazing! When you give up on yourself, she doesn't give up on you. She made me feel extremely comfortable outside of my comfort level. Can't thank this lady enough :) I feel like a brand new person!You will not be disappointed!

Lauren is an inspiration. She is a great coach and motivator. Lauren also listens and supports you through your journey

Lauren is an extremely intuitive teacher. Her spiritual guidance provides clarity and redirects the confusion of the ego back to Higher self. She dives in with you and awakens the energy within to remember the soul’s mission, the return to love,...the love that removes the shackles of unworthiness and opens the gate of receiving the abundance and grace we desire. Grateful and blessed to have worked with Lauren in this 1:1 container to unravel completely and lean into unconditional love. Thank you 🙏🏼

I began working with Lauren in July of 2019 and 7 months later I am still going strong. At the time I began working with her, I had been a business owner who works with my significant other for about one year and I was looking for guidance in several areas of my life. Things felt tense and overwhelming. I had gone to counseling and tried lots of various therapies, all of which helped to an extent, but I felt like I was lacking the tools I needed to make changes rather than just talk through my feelings and problems. I didn't know how to put it into words but I just felt off. After meeting with Lauren just a few times, she helped me realize I had deep past traumas and wounds to release and heal, needed relationship and business guidance to prevent any disasters, desperately needed to learn how to love myself and feel empowered and so much more. She immediately gave me tools like meditation, breathwork and EFT tapping to start implementing in my daily life. I had tried to meditate before, but with her guidance I have reached an entirely new level of what I think one would call enlightenment. Her program is titled Call Back Your Power for a reason. I have seen so much immense growth and change. I used to feel like a slave to my emotional ups and downs and my painful menstrual cycles, but now I reframe and refocus. When I feel my emotions bubbling up inside, I know what to do to find my inner peace. I get in touch with my limitless, beautiful, courageous self to make simple yet extraordinary changes in my life every day. My relationship is thriving and I will enter into an empowered marriage later this year. My business has more than doubled. I feel more in control than ever, and if I dare say so myself, I feel downright sexy about it! I can't recommend her services enough. not a whole lot in this world is designed to raise you up and empower you these days, and that's exactly what Lauren does. She gives you everything you need to break past your biggest fears, let go of what is no longer serving you and achieve everything you ever wanted in life. You just have to be courageous enough to ask!