Hey friends! Welcome!

My name is Lauren Bentley and I am the founder of Good Vibrations.

I am born and raised in the suburbs outside of Cleveland, Ohio. I am a mama to two kids,  one chihuahua, and a three legged cat, as well as a wife to a wonderful, supportive man ( my Divine Masculine)​

I began my journey in the health industry in 2014 as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. I have always felt the call to help women feel powerful, confident and radiant in their bodies. 

My approach to fitness was to drop the force and struggle and instead connect with movements that fulfilled and supported you to begin living as the healthy individual NOW. 

The practice of law of attraction led me to studying the  Subconscious mind, Feminine Energy, and Energy Healing. Even though I no longer operate as a PT, I am still deeply drawn to bringing my clients into their bodies. 

Our bodies hold all of our wisdom. 

It is our inner compass- to heal, shift and expand, it is crucial to be here. 

 My fascinations and eagerness to grow led me to graciously obtaining certifications in Reiki I,II and Master, Breathwork Coach, Sound Therapy, EFT Tapping, Meditation and most recently Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 


Bringing all of these modalities together has helped me to work with clients on an incredibly deep and profound level. 

We get into the body and subconscious mind to see the thoughts and patterns that seem to keep them stuck.

We learn how to embody our natural feminine and masculine construct to return to our natural rhythms and flows. 

We use healing tools like embodiment practices, breathwork, EFT, and energy healing to finally release and find freedom.

I have found that there are two big factors that stands in our way of finding our deepest happiness- 

1) Inability  to release our past - (addicted to chemical reactions of past)

2) Feeling unworthy- (you can see this in relationships, career, income, etc)

Knowing these main factors and bringing together my love of energy healing, I have created multiple programs that have helped thousands  all over the world find deep self love,radical body acceptance, health, abundance, peace and whole body wellness.

I offer individualized healing sessions, Spiritual Mentoring,  and my group membership, Breathe And Receive.